The primer for all-round success
White water-borne stain-blocking adhesion primer for universal use


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Properties :
  • Optimum stain blocking.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Zero tension and without odour.
  • Surface slightly textured
  • Rapid drying (can be recoated after 4 to 6 hours, temperature 18-20°C and relative humidity < 80%).
  • Can be sanded.
  • High productivity (8 m2/kg or 11 m2/l).    

    Uses :
    For interior and exterior new work or renovation.
    Stain-blocking primer can be covered by any kind of 1 kg paint, textured coating or light wallpaper.
    Binding primer on difficult substrates.Recommendations :
    Do not dilute.
    Never mix Universal Primer with other products.
    Apply Universal PRIMER Quartz preferably before applying a textured or decorative surface coating.
    VOC <3,3% - free of ethylene glycol