An interior solvent based paint, totally matt in finish,
specially developed for restoration of Historic Buildings
including churches, castles, listed buildings.
Also breweries, bakeries, slaughter houses and
cellars etc.

Excellent resistance to mould.

    Tradition Tin


The surface must be dry. Scrape back to a firm edge and brush
off any loose non-coherent material. No preliminary washing
necessary on stained, soiled or similar substrates (nicotine, soot,
dried water stains etc.).

Stir well before use. Apply 1-2 coats depending on the condition
of the substrate. Apply using a brush, spray-gun or roller.
Classidur Tradition can be tinted to Pastel colours using up to 5% high
quality universal tinter (light base). A compatibility test is recommended.

Please see downloadable pdf.


COVERING CAPACITY 1 Litre covers approximately 8-10m square.
This depends on the structure and and absorption capacity of the substrate.

DRYING TIME Dust dry after 1 hour. Touch dry after approximately 2-3 hours.
Totally hard and dry after 24 hours. Recoatable after 12 hours.

CLEAN UP Clean with White Spirit